Voter ID Month - March 2016

The goal of the month is two-fold: first, to find and assist voters who do not have a valid ID to vote; second, to ensure all voters with an ID feel confident that they have everything they need to vote under this new law.

Event Details are solidifying every day!

· Posters: Posters (designed by Lindsay!) were handed out Monday, and many more are available. They will be at the Tabling and Outreach Committee Meetings held first week of March for distribution. Locations will be posted online, but are only a guide. Please post them all over. If everyone took 10 posters….

· Sign Up: There are a lot of vacancies and more events likely

· Recruit: Share this email and the events with members of the groups you are part of----let’s get trained volunteers involved!

· Suggestions: If you have an idea for a location to reach voters impacted by the voter ID law, let Molly know and we will do what we can to make it happen!

· Social Media: Awesome things coming up on the digital front—stay tuned!