RSVP of Dane County

RSVP of Dane County has agreed to provide rides to the Division of Motor Vehicles to obtain a voter photo ID to senior citizens living in Dane County. Wisconsin state law now requires voters to provide a voter photo ID to receive a ballot on Election Day or to vote absentee.

To use the RSVP driver escort service, senior citizens:

  • must be 60 years of age or older,
  • must be ambulatory, and
  • must live independently in their own homes, condos or apartments. (RSVP does not provide transportation to those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.)

RSVP has designated driver escort coordinators throughout Dane County who arrange for drivers to pick up and drop off senior citizens at their homes. Most of the coordinators work at local senior centers, either as paid staff or as volunteers. A few driver escort coordinators work out of their homes. Drivers may stay with senior citizens at their destinations, although drivers are not required to do so. Arrangements for a driver to stay at a destination are made on an individual basis between the driver and the senior citizen.

Additional questions about the RSVP driver escort program or which local coordinator to contact can be directed to

    • the RSVP of Dane County office (608-441-7892).