Are you wondering... what should I expect at the polls on election day? Here is a quick guide to election day at the polls.

Always Useful For Tabling For Canvassing
League Pamphlet, Making It Clear is a tool for community members helping citizens navigate requirements for registering and voting in Wisconsin. It clarifies many of the ambiguities surrounding proof of residence and voter photo IDs.
Making It Clear
When we identify a voter who has not registered, or lacks ID, please fill out this form. The Data team will maintain lists of people who need help, or have already been helped so that we focus our efforts on the right opportunities.
Voters Needing Follow-Up - Paper Form 
When we decide to knock every door in a neighborhood with high concentrations of unregistered voters, fill out this form for each person you contact, especially if they need assistance.
Blind Knock Voter Contact Form
Wisconsin state law requires voters to provide a voter photo ID to receive a ballot on election day or to vote absentee. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) provides extensive information on this topic on its websites, including descriptions of documents that are acceptable as voter photo IDs. 
Acceptable Photo IDs for Voting in Wisconsin
Bring It to the Ballot
If you are helping voters with registration or photo IDs, we hope you will find the resources on  Voter Service Central useful. Voter Service Central Please use this script when contacting voters we believe are registered but may lack an ID.
Canvassing Script
The Wisconsin Elections Commission explains 
Military and Overseas Voters
Proof of Residency can often be looked up online. Here is a handy list of websites:
Proof of Residency

For voters who do not currently have an acceptable voter photo ID, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website provides detailed information about how to obtain a free voter photo ID for voting purposes. 
Obtaining an ID Card
The DMV also offers guidance on what documents will be accepted to prove Wisconsin residency when obtaining a voter photo ID.
Proof of Wisconsin Residency
Registering UW students presents some unique challenges. Here are Tips – Registering to Vote for UW-Madison Students  
The Wisconsin Elections Commission has prepared a helpful explanation of the proof of residency rules when registering to vote.
Proof of Residency Guide
 Planning a voter outreach event? You may wish to begin with this planning guide and adapt it to your event  
Libraries in Dane County are a great place to potentially register new voters.
Libraries in Dane County - Register to Vote
Coalition members will be reaching out to Dane County community organizations to enlist their help in identifying clients who need help obtaining an acceptable voter ID.
Community Organizations
League of Women Voters is coordinating a Liaison program with Dane county Senior Centers
Here is an article to publish in a Senior Center Newsletter
Here is a shorter version of this article Shorter Senior Center Newsletter
Here is an article to publish in your Local Newspaper    
Here is a sample email you can use in writing a volunteer Recruitment Email 
Here's a sample email you can use when responding to a potential new member of the Coalition New Member Email
Here are a couple templates for emails you can send when requesting an organization allow us to schedule an onsite voter outreach event Voter ID Month Ask 
The Meals on Wheels program distributed this flyer about when and how to apply for a Permanent Absentee Ballot.  In addition, the Meals on Wheels drivers were given a brief introductory letter about the voter photo ID exemption for those who vote via permanent absentee ballot. There are 2 versions of the request form:  
Permanent Absentee Ballot: for residents of the city of Madison
Permanent Absentee Ballot: for Dane County residents
Coalition volunteers can use the following email template or call script when making an initial contact with a community organization. The template and script are intended as guides. Volunteers will want to modify them using wording that is natural for them.
Email Template
Call Script
Homeless individuals face unique challenges when trying to vote.  This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about registration, voter IDs and other topics related to helping homeless voters.
FAQ - Voting Issues for Homeless Individuals