The League of Women Voters of Dane County has joined with the Dane County NAACP to form the Dane County Voter ID Coalition. The mission of the Coalition is to educate voters about the requirement to show an acceptable photo ID to receive a ballot on Election Day or when voting absentee. A specific goal is to identify voters who may not have an acceptable photo ID, and to arrange for direct assistance to those voters who may need help obtaining one.  The Coalition is exploring 3 approaches:

  • Collecting and analyzing data from the WEC and DMV to identify voters in Dane County who may not have an acceptable photo ID

  • Conducting outreach at community events

  • Building partnerships with private and public organizations serving clients who are more likely not to have an acceptable photo ID

Ingrid Rothe of the LWVDC, and Earnestine Moss of the NAACP co-chair the Coalition.

All individuals and organizations in the Coalition have agreed to abide by the terms in our Memorandum of Understanding  If you want to join the coalition, simply fill out this Form

Member organizations include: